Monday, November 10, 2008

Clearing up a few things

I heard from someone that mods in CabalRider have labeled my program as having a keylogger. Well I wont say anything much about this but here are a few things I want to say about myself. If I wanted to hack users out of their accounts then by all means do show where the keylogger is? The programs posted here were created using AutoIt scripting and diablo2oo2's Universal Patcher the reason I used AutoIt was to show that it could be done even with such a simple scripting tool such as these. Sure I could have written it in Perl or C++ or even ASM but heck I was bored when I made this so I just used what was readily available to anyone on the internet.

You can continue labeling the program as having a keylogger but hey that could also go both ways whats there to stop me from also saying CabalRider may also have a keylogger? after all these are just words so unless there is backing to prove such things I wont say anything anymore about it. I am not here to pick a fight with anyone I just felt the guys at CabalRider needed a wakeup call since they want to provide a bot that users must pay in order to use 24/7. If someone like me can make something like this just because he is bored what more if its an actual hacker who has enough free time to keep CabalRider free for life?

So go ahead you can label all the things I made here as hacking programs and what not but hey I will still keep doing it if I am bored. Oh yeah I do hope you guys in CabalRider do a better job with the free login bug its also susceptible to clock resetting so do look for another means to check the current time of a system somewhere in the world.

But I am glad I was able to get such a response from you guys. I will tell you what I told a friend of mine here at work. "If your going to sell something make sure it works and is problem free otherwise you wont know what people will do if in the long run it breaks"

One last thing before I go, my work in speaks for itself so if you label me a keylogger maker then be my guest.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Trial Program Released

Before using any of the programs here please be sure your firewall is not blocking the port used by the program otherwise the FCR programs will close when you try to run them if they are blocked.

Here is a link to the trial version of this program.

Free Cabal Rider Trial v1.5

* Fixed problem with timer not being accurate

* Updated to include IP address settings in FCR-Settings.ini
* Fixed multiple instance bug

If you want to download CabalRider they changed their webpade to so go there to download the latest version of CabalRider.

I have also included a tutorial below on how this program works. If you have questions just post them as comments to this post.

(Before we begin I have added a FCR-Settings.ini file to this release this file contains the port number and IP's of CabalRider from what I have heard each server uses a different port number for each CabalRider server).

CabalRider For SG = Port 13144
(Server 1 = Server 2 =

CabalRider For US = Port 2010
(Server 1 = Server 2 =

CabalRider For EU = Port 2008
(Server 1 = Server 2 =

CabalRider For PH = Port 1942
(Server 1 = Server 2 =

If your going to use the program for CabalRider EU and US please use the modified patcher cabalriderpatcher-US-EU.exe which is now included in v1.4

Tutorial on usage of FCR-Record.exe:

1. First install a fresh copy of the latest version of CabalRider into any drive in this tutorial we will use C: as our default drive

2. Extract the files in my zip file into the fresh copy of CabalRider (If you extracted in C: then your default drive is C:\CabalRider_PH)

3. Go into the folder of CabalRider and run the file cabalriderpatcher.exe (for US and EU please use cabalriderpatcher-US-EU.exe) and click on Patch be sure to overwrite all files that exist.

4. After patching you then run FCR-Record.exe and select a number (this number corresponds to the server of CabalRider your connecting to the default is 2 but in my screenshot I used 1 you can use 2 or 1 the choice is up to you)

5. After you have selected a server you now run the patched CabalRider.exe wait until you see the login screen of CabalRider.

Now look at your FCR-Record.exe window and you should see this on your screen.

6. Now type in your username and password into CabalRider's login window (Take note if you dont have a username and password for CabalRider you can only use this Recorder during free game time assigned by CabalRider itself, For Cabal PH the free game time is 4pm to 6pm Philippine Time) After typing in your username just click on either Login if you have a loaded username name or Free Login if your using free game time. For now we will be using the free game time login since most users dont have a loaded account. After clicking free login you should now see this screen.

Now look at your FCR-Record.exe window and see if the window looks like this.

This is what you should see if your using CabalRider PH it may be different for other servers so experiment with it if your trying to use it on other servers.

7. After you have checked both screens click on Start Game in CabalRider and wait for the Cabal client to run. After you see the login screen of Cabal check your FCR-Record.exe window again and see if the screen is similar to the one below.

8. If the screen is similar then just login to your Cabal account and see if the panel of CabalRider shows up. If it does not show up you have to repeat the process again from step 4. If the panel shows up then just bot your character for about 10-15 mins and wait for the window of FCR-Record.exe to look like this

After you see this screen and your bot is still running you can now logout from Cabal and then close FCR-Record.exe, We now have a good recording of the session we made with CabalRider we can now use the other program called FCR-Server.exe this will now be our CabalRider server from now on. Before you run that program it is best to make a backup of CRSDATA.LOG this is the recorded data of CabalRider so having a backup of this in case the original gets lost is always a good idea.

Tutorial on usage of FCR-Server.exe:

1. First run FCR-Server.exe and then run CabalRider.exe you should now see these 2 screens.

If you see these 2 screens then the server is now running fine and you can now run CabalRider like you normally would. You can only bot your character for 2 hours at a time using this server that is one of the rules I made so as to prevent abuse of the program by bot farmers. If you want to run the program again after 2 hours its ok to do so. The 2 hour limit does'nt mean you can only run it 2 hours a day, it only means you have to RE-RUN the program again from the top after 2 hours. As much as I hate CabalRider's way of doing things I dont want people to abuse this program anymore than needed.

If you have questions like I said above just post them as comments on this site. This is a trial version of the program and will only run up to December 06, 2008. I am still considering if the program will have another extended trial period but thats for another time.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Free Cabal Rider

You have reached the site where you can get your very own lifetime free copy of CabalRider. Here you will find programs that you can use to keep CabalRider free of any costs at all. For now the project will only work with CabalRider for PH but in the future I will also work on making other server versions like CabalRider for EU, CabalRider for US and so on, Just keep watch here for updates.